Kalwary Investigations and Consulting, LLC

Kalwary Investigations and Consulting, LLC was formed in May 2009 by Kevin Kalwary, a longtime legal investigator and decorated investigative journalist.

In May 2020, Kevin handed over responsibility for the firm's day-to-day operations to his longtime business partner, John W. Allman. While John is now the primary point of contact for all business matters, Kevin is still involved as an investigator and advisor on cases. Our updated contact information is as follows:

John W. Allman / Cell: (813 ) 210-3070 / Email: john@kalwaryinvestigations.com

Kevin Kalwary / Email: kkalwary1@gmail.com



A wise old owl sat on an oak. The more he saw the less he spoke. The less he spoke the more he heard. The more information he gathered, the more power he wielded.
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John Allman
Private Investigator/Managing Member

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Kevin Kalwary
Private Investigator and Consultant

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Christy F. Emerson
Private Investigator and Certified Paralegal

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